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Asia For Kids Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your personal privacy. Our Privacy Policy summarizes and clarifies that commitment: how we safeguard your privacy, how we treat personal information, and what choices you have. We understand that for you to take full advantage of the benefits of this interactive medium, we must do everything we can to ensure that your privacy is secure.     

(1) We do not use any information about where you personally go in asiaforkids.com or the Web, and we do not give it out to others.    Our system automatically gathers information about the areas you visit on our website.    We do not use any of this navigational data about where you -- as an individual -- go on our website. Nor do we share any of this data with outside companies.   We do use navigational information in the aggregate to understand how our customers as a group use our website so that we can make asiaforkids.com better. This statistical information may be shared with outside companies, but in doing so, we do not disclose individual names or personal navigational information.    We do not keep track of where you go on the World Wide Web.   The Web sites you visit may have their own privacy policies or no policy at all. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of Web sites before providing them with any of your personal information.  

(2) We do not give out your telephone number, credit card information or screen names, unless you authorize us to do so. And we give you the opportunity to correct your personal contact and billing information at any time. Here is how we protect that information:   asiaforkids.com will not give out your telephone number or screen names (e-mail addresses), except where needed to deliver a product or service you ordered.    We will not give out your credit or debit card number or checking account information unless you authorize it, for example, during an online purchase.    We will not give out information that would link your screen names with your actual name.    We provide you with the opportunity to update or correct your contact and billing information that we have on file. Just as you want to make sure that information asiaforkids.com has about you is accurate, we want to keep only the most up-to-date information about your account. Therefore, whenever you believe that your contact or billing information needs updating, you can e-mail us at info@afk.com to make the necessary changes.  

(3) We may use information about the kinds of products you buy from asiaforkids.com to make other special offers to you, unless you tell us not to. We do not give this purchase data to others. Like other retailers and direct marketers, we record information about our customers' purchases. When you buy from us online, our system automatically gathers purchase data, and we also record information about purchases made through our mail order operations.   We use this information in two ways:   1) We review what kinds of products and services appeal most to our customers as a group. This statistical information helps us improve our offerings based on what sells best.   2) We use information such as the number of purchases customers make and the categories of goods and services they buy to make offers to them we believe will be of interest. In addition, we use other information such as how customers came to asiaforkids.com or how often they use our website. We also use publicly available consumer data to help us decide which marketing offers to make and which advertising they see. You may choose not to receive marketing offers from asiaforikids.com. We do not give out any information about what you, as an individual, purchase from asiaforkids.com with anyone, except to complete your transactions. We share with outside companies only statistical information about what asiaforkids.com products or services our customers -- as a group -- buy.  

(4) We give you choices about how asiaforkids.com uses your personal information. You have choices about how the information you have provided may be used by us to make special offers to you. You may choose not to receive marketing offers from asiaforkids.com by U.S. mail.    You may choose not to receive marketing offers from asiaforkids.com by e-mail.     

(5) We use secure technology and privacy protection controls in order to safeguard your personal information. We use state-of-the-art technology to keep your personal information, including your billing and account information, as secure as possible. We also have put in place privacy protection control systems designed to ensure that your personal data remain safe and private.    

(6) We will keep you informed, clearly and prominently, about what we do with your personal information, and we will advise you if we change our policy.    A key part of asiaforkids.com's commitment to protecting your privacy is explaining to you how we may use your personal information. This privacy policy serves that purpose, and it is accessible through several means within our service. When you register for our service, you are presented with an option not to receive electronic mailings or updates. If you'd like to comment on or have questions about our privacy policy, please e-mail us at info@afk.com.

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