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Adoption Corner

Cultural education is important for adoptive families. Internationally adopted children have special needs to understand, accept and explain their racial identity. In order to foster pride and self-esteem in themselves, they need to feel pride in their birthland and their personal history. This cultural education process is important in being able to explain one's heritage and answer with self-confidence the questions that international adoptees and their families face. We offer many materials that help your family and your children learn about cultures and languages as well as resources about adoption and teaching about adoption. Whether you are just starting out in the adoption process or have grown children, you'll be sure to find helpful materials about growing up as an Asian American, diversity, identity, heritage, biracial families, and the experiences of others who have adopted.

Adoption Facts
2007 International Adoptions in the U.S

Guatemala 4,728
Russia 2,207
Ethiopia 1,255
South Korea 939
Vietnam 626
Ukraine 606
Kazakhstan 540
India 416
Liberia 314
Colombia 310
Philippines 265
Haiti 190
Mexico 89
Poland 84
Thailand 67
Kyrgyzstan 61
Brazil 55
Uganda 54



New Releases for Parents:

*We Belong Together: A Book about Adoption and Families
In a kid-friendly, accessible way, this book explores the ways that people can choose to come together to make a family. It's about sharing your home and sharing your heart to make a family that belongs together.
Click here to Buy.

* Kids Like Me in China
In this first view of China adoption from a child's perspective, eight-year-old Ying Ying Fry returns to her orphanage to remember what it is like and to write a story so that other adopted children will understand where they came from. Kids Like Me in China combines real-life photos with the forthright observations and complex feelings of an adopted child as she meets caregivers and befriends children in the city where her life began. This book will inspire all adopted children to take charge of their own life stories. She wrote this book with help from her mom, Amy Klatzkin, a contributing editor to Adoptive Families magazine and the editor of A Passage to the Heart: Writings from Families with Children from China. This book will speak to your daughter's heart and help her feel a connection to her beginnings in China. --Review by Nancy Hope-Landon adoptive Mom of a 6-year old daughter. 2001
Click here to Buy.

* The Best Single Mom in the World
My mom and I love to tell the story of how we became a family. Before I was born, my mom lived alone in our house. She loved her work and her friends, but something was missing--me! She wanted to share her life with a child who needed a family. My mom traveled the world--across the ocean and over the mountains--to meet me. We love to work and play together. Sometimes I wish we had a dad in our family, but my grandpa takes me special places, and my friend Nicky's dad is teaching us to play soccer. I'm glad my mom adopted me. She's the best mom in the whole wide world! Click here to Buy.

Other favorites for Adoptive Parents:

*Every Year On Your Birthday 
In this delightful companion to the "New York Times" bestseller "I Love you Like Crazy Cakes," Lewis and Dyer capture the richness of both Chinese and American cultures in a poignant tribute to the growing bond of love only a parent and child can know.    Click here to Buy.

*Mommy Far, Mommy Near  
A poignant story that addresses the core issue of adoption: having two mothers. Young Elizabeth feels the range of emotions as she realizes she has one Mommy near in America and one Mommy far in China. Based on the author's own experiences, this story will warm your heart with its honesty and depth of love. 8" x 10". 32 pp. Ages 3-7. 2000.  Click here to Buy.

*I Love You Like Crazy Cakes 
This adorable book will be a treasure for your little ones, with its glowing illustrations and heartwarming story. A loving mommy and her adopted baby are brought together across two continents, through the bonds of love. A must-have for all adopted families!  Ages 3+  26 pg.  10.5"x10.5" Click here to Buy.

Recommended Items/Titles Adoption:
*I Love you Like Crazy Cakes
*An American Face
*We Belong Together: A Book about Adoption and Families
*Passage to the Heart
*Mommy Far, Mommy Near
*Beginnings: How Families Come to Be
*Over land and Sea: A story of International Adoption
*Our Baby from China
*When You Were Born in Korea
*Real Parents, Real Children
*Happy Adoption Day
*Are Those Kids Yours?

*All Kinds of Children
*All the Colors We Are
*We're Same, We're Different
*Families Are Different
*A Mother for Choco

*Families of the World Video Series
*Big Bird in China Video
*Chinese New Year Video
*Chinese American Cultures for Kids Video
*Korean American Cultures for Kids Video
*Vietnamese American Cultures for Kids Video

*From China With Love 2009 Calendar

*Soft & Sweet Baby Dolls
*Corolle Mini Calin Asian Doll
*Lots to Love Asian Baby Doll
*Mina in Korean Hanbok
*Baby Jason in Taekwondo Uniform
*Ao Dai Barbie Dress
*Hanbok Barbie Dress

Books on Culture:
*Festivals of the World
*Kneeling Caraboa & Dancing Giants: Celebrate Filipino Festivals!
*The Dragon's Tale: Chinese Zodiac Story
*Lights for Gita (Indian Diwali)

*Sing 'n Learn Chinese
*Sing 'n Learn Korean
*Sing 'n Learn Vietnamese
*Sing 'n Learn Japanese
*Chinese Lullabies Music CD
*PoPoPo - Korean Children's Songs

*Korean Through English
*Language Map
*Do's & Taboos Around the World
*Gestures: Do's & Taboos of Body Language Around the World
*Multicultural Manners

Adoption Announcement Cards:
*Little Treasure Cards (set of 8)
*Adoption blank notecards 

Complete listing of our materials relating to Adoptions.

Asia for Kids Book Fair Program
We can help your organization or culture camp host an event for holidays or special gatherings by providing you with games, videos, books, dolls, t-shirts, and more. Click here for details about the Asia for Kids Book Fair Program.

If you are considering international adoption, there are many wonderful resources. Check out these helpful websites for further information:

Families With Children from China -- A nationwide support organization for families who have adopted children from China. You can find a list of agencies that have China adoption programs, information on who can adopt from China, links to info on China, and much more.

Adopting From Korea: A Prospective Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption--Comprehensive, step-by-step information for prospective adoptive parents on the international and Korean adoption process.

Families With Children from Vietnam -- An on-line support group for for families who have adopted from Vietnam, are in the process of adopting from Vietnam, or are interested in Vietnamese adoption.

Viet Nam's Children -- An on-line site of resources and information for adoptive families of children from Vietnam. There is a FAQ list, a listing of agencies with programs in Vietnam, recommended reading and more.

An on-line site of resources and information about agencies, support groups, and links to other sites about India for adoptive families of children from India.

Social Workers
We can send you bulk catalogs to give to your prospective families as a resource for cultural materials. Just let us how many catalogs you need and when you need them by. For orders of more than 20, please e-mail, fax (513-563-3105) or mail your request to asiaforkids.com, 4480 Lake Forest Dr., #302, Cincinnati, OH 45242. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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