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Author's Corner

Author Ching Yeung Russell

Author Ching Yeung Russell has a lot in common with Ying, the young narrator of Moon Festival, a picture book set in southern China of the late 1940s. Moon Festival details the colorful ancient customs associated with the mid-autumn festival, which celebrates the reunion of family.

Ying, also the narrator of Ms. Russell's trilogy of novels-First Apple, Water Ghost, and Lichee Tree set in Chin's rural south of the 1940s-perseveres to accomplish her goals despite many hardships. Ms. Russell herself overcame substantial obstacles, including language, to bring these autobiographical stories form concept to press. Compelling and poignant, these award-winning stories showcase the author's ability to make another culture and era relevant to today's readers.

First Apple, a recipient of the Charlotte Award, given by the New York Reading, is also a Parent's Choice Award Winner and has been translated into Japanese.

Ms. Russell was born in Guangdon, China, and moved to Hong Kong, where she majored in Chinese literature at Hong Kong Baptist University and worked as a freelance writer. After teaching Chinese literature in a Hong Kong junior high school, she married and immigrated to the United States.

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