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2009 Multicultural Holidays & Events Calendar
Additional resources you will find useful:
A World of Holidays First Facts: Holidays and Culture
Holidays for Children DVD First Facts: Holidays and Culture Series
Explores the customs, symbols, rituals, and folklore underlying some of the major traditional holidays. Traditional music, illustrated folktales, animation, and arts and crafts are woven together at a pace and visual style that appeals to a younger audience. More... For emerging and younger readers,First Facts: Holidays and Culture series provide simple and colorful introduction to 14 holidays and culture. Includes activities. Full-color photographs for Ages 4-8.

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July August September
October November December
Month/Date Event(s) Remarks
January 1

Gantan-Sai/Shogatu (Shinto)
Independence Day (Haiti, Sudan)

New Year's Day (Gregorian Calendar)
St. Basil's Day (Greece)

January 5 Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday (Sikhism) Fixed
January 6 Christmas (Armenia)
Three Kings Day/Epiphany (Christianity)
January 7 Christmas (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
January 12

Seijin no Hi/Coming of Age (Japan)

Second Monday in January
January 13 Lohri (Hinduism, Sikhism)
St. Knut's Day (Sweden, Finland)
January 14

Makra Sankranti/Winter Festival (Hinduism, India)
Pongal (Tamil, India)
Thaipoosam Cavadee (India, Mauritius)

January 14 New Year (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
January 19

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (USA)

Third Monday in January
January 25 Robert Burns' Night Fixed
January 26

New Year (Buddhism, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam) - Year of the Ox

Chinese Lunar Calendar

January 26

Anniversary Day (Auckland, New Zealand)
Australia Day (Australia)
Republic Day (India)

January 31 Basant Panchami (Hinduism) Hindu Calendar
February Black History Month (USA) Fixed
February 1 Abolition of Slavery (Mauritius) Fixed
February 2 Candlemas (Christianity)
Imbolg (Wicca)
Ground Hog Day (USA)



February 3 Setsubun-Sai/Changing of Seasons (Japan) Fixed
February 4 National Day (Sri Lanka)
February 6 Waitangi Day (New Zealand) Fixed
February 8 Culture Day (Slovenia)
Thaipoosam Cavadee (Tamil, Mauritius)
February 9 Tu B'Shevat/Arbor Day (Judaism) Hebrew Calendar
February 9 Magha Puja Day (Buddhism) Thailand Buddhist Calendar
February 10 Lantern Festival (China, Taiwan) Chinese Lunar Calendar
February 11 National Foundation Day (Japan)
Youth Day (Cameroon)
February 12

Lincoln's Birthday (USA)

February 14 Valentine's Day (Canada, UK, USA) Fixed
February 15 National Flag Day (Canada) Fixed
February 16 Independence Day (Lithuania) Fixed
February 16 President's Day (USA) Third Monday of February
February 18

Independence Day (Gambia)

February 21 International Mother Language Day (UN)
Language Movement (Bangladash)
February 22

Abu Simbel Festival (Egypt)
Washington's Birthday (USA)

February 23 Maha Shivratri (Hindu) Hindu Calendar
February 24

Independence Day (Estonia)

February 24

Mardi Gras (Assorted places worldwide)
Shrove Tuesday (Ireland, UK)

Dependent on Date of Easter
February 25 National Day (Kuwait)
People Power Day (Philippines)
February 25-March 16

Lent (Begins on Ash Wednesday) (Christianity)

Dependent on Date of Easter
February 26-March 1 Intercalary Days (Bahá’í) Fixed
February 27 Independence Day (Dominican Republic) Fixed
February 28 Kalevala Day (Finland) Fixed
March Women's History Month (UK, USA)  
March 1 Baba Marta Day (Bulgaria)
Independence Day (Bosnia)
Saint David's Day (Wales)
March 2 National Day (Morocco) Fixed
March 2 Labour Day (Australia) First Monday in March
March 2-20 Alá/Month of Fasting (Bahá’í) Fixed
March 2-April 12 Great Lent (Begins on Clean Monday) (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
March 3 Hinamatsuri/Girls' Day (Japan) Fixed
March 6 Independence Day (Ghana)
World Day of Prayer (UN)
March 8 International Women's Day (UN)
March 9 Eid-Mawlid-an-Nabi (Sunni Islam) Islamic Calendar
March 10

Purim (Judaism)

Hebrew Calendar

March 11 Holi (Hinduism) Hindu Calendar
March 12 Independence Day (Mauritius) Fixed
March 12 Hola Mohalla (Sikhism) Sikh Calendar
March 14 Eid-Mawlid-an-Nabi (Shia Islam) Islamic Calendar
March 17 St. Patrick's Day (Ireland, USA) Fixed
March 19 St. Joseph's Day (Christian) Fixed
March 19 Chetra Navratras (Hinduism) Hindu Calendar
March 20 National Day (Tunisia) Fixed
March 20 Higan-e (Buddhism)
Ohigon (Japan, Korea)
Ostara (Wicca)
Now Ruz/New Year (Afghanistan, Bahá’í, Iran)
Pimia/New Year (Laos)
Poutuerangi (Aboriginal/Maori, New England)
Shunki-Korei-Sai (Shinto)
March Equinox
March 21

Butter Lamp Festival (Tibet)
Harmony Day (Australia)
International Day for the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination (UN)

March 22

Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)
World Day for Water (UN)

March 22

Mothering Sunday (UK)

Dependent on Date of Easter
March 25

Annunciation (Christianity)
Independence Day (Greece)

March 26 Birth of Prophet Zarathustra (Zoroastrianism)
Independence Day (Bangladesh)
Kuhio Day (Hawaii)
March 27 Ugadi/Nava Varsha/Gudi Padwa (India, Mauritius, Nepal) Hindu Calendar
March 29 Youth Day (Taiwan) Fixed
April Sakura/Cherry Blossom Festival (Japan)  
April 1 April Fools' Day (Canada, UK, USA)
Kha B'Nissan/New Year (Assyria)
April 4 Ram Navami (Hinduism) Hindu Calendar
April 4 National Day (Senegal) Fixed
April 4 Ching Ming (China, Taiwan) 15th Day from the Spring Equinox

April 5

Palm Sunday (Christianity)

Dependent on Date of Easter
April 6 Chakri Day (Thailand)
Organization of the Church (Mormonism)
April 9 Independence Day (Georgia) Fixed
April 9 Maundy Thursday Dependent on Date of Easter
April 9-16 Pesach/Passover (Judaism) Hebrew Calendar
April 10 Good Friday Dependent on Date of Easter
April 12 Easter Sunday (Christianity) Moveable
April 13 Easter Monday (Christianity) Dependent on Date of Easter
April 13 Songkran/Buddhhist New Year (Thailand, Burma) Fixed
April 13 Baisakhi (Bangladesh, Hinduism, India, Sikhism) Hebrew Calendar
April 13-15 Pimia (Laotian New Year)
New Year/Khmer New Year (Cambodia)
April 14 Pan American Day (The Americas) Fixed
April 16 Holy Thursday (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
April 17 Independence Day (Syria) Fixed
April 17 Holy Friday (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
April 18 Independence Day (Zimbabwe) Fixed
April 18 Matsu Festival (Taiwan) Chinese Calendar
April 19 Independence Day (Bolivia) Fixed
April 19 Easter (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
April 20 Sechseläuten (Switzerland) Third Monday of April
April 20 Easter Monday (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
April 21 Kartini Day (Indonesia) Fixed
April 21 Yom Ha Shoah (Judaism) Hebrew Calendar
April 21-May 2 Feast of Ridvan (Bahá’í) Fixed
April 22 Earth Day (International) Fixed
April 23 St. George's Day (Christianity) Fixed
April 23-25 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow (Aboriginal/Native American) Moveable
April 24 Martyr's Day (Armenia) Fixed
April 24 Arbor Day (USA) Last Friday of April
April 25 Anzac Day (Australia, New Zealand)
Freedom Day (Portugal)
April 27 Independence Day (Sierra Leone, Togo) Fixed
April 27 Akshaya Tritya (Jain) Hindu Calendar
April 28 Yom Ha-Zikaron/Memorial Day (Israel) Hebrew Calendar
April 29 Showa no hi/Showa Day (Japan) Fixed
April 29 Yom Ha-Atzma'ut/Independence Day (Israel) Hebrew Calendar
April 30 Koninginnedag/Queen's Day (Netherlands)
Walpurgis Night (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Sweden)
May Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (USA)  
May 1

Beltane (Wicca)
May Day
Vappu Day (Finland)

May 4 Midori no hi/Greenery Day (Japan)
Remembrance Days (Netherlands)
May 5 Children's Day (South Korea, Japan)
San Khuda/New Year (Sierra Leone)
Cinco De Mayo (Mexico)
May 8 Joan of Arc Day (France)
Liberation/V-E Day
Parents' Day (South Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico, Denmark)
May 9 Wesak (Buddhism) Buddhist or Chinese Calendar, depending on location
May 10 Mother's Day (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, USA) Second Sunday of May
May 12

Buddha's Birthday (Hong Kong, South Korea)


May 14-15 Independence Day (Paraguay) Fixed
May 17 Constitution Day (Norway) Fixed
May 18 Trinity Sunday (Christianity) Movable
May 18 Victoria Day (Canada) Monday before or on May 24
May 22 National Day (Yemen)
May 24 Independence Day (Eritrea) Fixed
May 25 National Day (Argentina)
Independence Day (Jordan)
May 25 Memorial Day (USA) Last Monday of May
May 26 Independence Day (Guyana) Fixed
May 28 Ascension (Coptic & Eastern Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
May 29 Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh (Bahá’í) Fixed
May 29 Shavuot Hebrew Calendar
May 31 National Day (Brunei) Fixed
May 31 Pentecost/Whitsunday (Christianity) Depends on Date of Easter
June Gay and Lesbian Pride Month (Australia, Canada, USA)  
June 1

Gawai Dayak (Malaysia)
Children's Day (Laos)

June 2 Republic Day (Italy) Fixed
June 4

Dano (Korea)

Chinese Calendar
June 5 Independence Day (Venezuela) Fixed
June 6 National Day (Sweden)
June 7 Tanabata Matsuri/Star Festival (Japan, South Korea) Fixed
June 7 Pentecost (Coptic & Orthodox Christianity) Julian Calendar
June 9 Independence Day (Argentina) Fixed 
June 10 National Day (Portugal)
June 11 King Kamehameha Day (Hawaii) Fixed 
June 12 Independence Day (Philippines)
Celebrated on Jun 15 in 2009
June 17 National Day (Iceland) Fixed 
June 20 Midsummer Festival (Scandinavia) Saturday in June 20-26
June 21 Litha (Wicca) June Solstice
June 21

Father's Day (USA, UK, Canada)

Third Sunday in June
June 23 National Day (Luxembourg) Fixed 
June 24 St. Jean Baptiste Day (Canada-Quebec, France)  
June 26 Independence Day (Madagascar, Somalia) Fixed 
June 27 Multicultural Day (Canada) Fixed 
June 28 Dragon Boat Festival (China) Chinese Calendar
July 1 Canada Day (Canada)
SAR Establishment Day (Hong Kong)
July 4 Independence Day (USA) Fixed 
July 9 Independence Day (Argentina)
Youth Day (Morocco)
July 10 Independence Day (Bahamas) Fixed 
July 13 Orangemen's Day (Northern Ireland) Celebrated on weekday on or after July 13
July 14 Bastille Day (France) Fixed 
July 18 Asalaha Puja Day (Buddhism)
Buddhist Lent (Buddhism)
July 20 Independence Day (Colombia) Fixed 
July 21 National Day (Belgium) Fixed 
July 23 Birth of Haile Selassie I (Rastafari) Fixed 
July 24

Pioneer Day (Morman)
Simon Bolivar Day (Ecuador, Venezuela)

July 25

St. Christopher's Day (Roman Catholic Church)
Constitution Day (Puerto Rico)

July 26 Independence Day (Liberia)
National Day (Cuba)
July 28 Independence Day (Peru) Fixed 
July 28 Independence Day (Peru) Fixed 
July 31 Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Spain) Fixed 
August 1 National Day (Switzerland) Fixed 
August 6

National Day (Bolivia)
Emancipation/Kadooment Day (Barbados)
Independence Day (Jamaica)

August 9 National Day (Singapore) Fixed 
August 10 Independence Day (Ecuador) Fixed 
August 13 Chung Yuan Festival/Ghost Festival (China) Chinese Calendar
August 13 Obon (Japan) Fixed at Jul 15, Aug 15 or on Chinese Calendar - varies by locality
August 14 Independence Day (Pakistan) Fixed 
August 14 Janmashtami/Birth of Lord Krishna (Hinduism) Hindu Calendar
August 15 Independence Day (Congo, India)
Liberation Day (South Korea)
August 17 Independence Day (Indonesia) Fixed 
August 17 Paryushana-Parva (Jainism) Hindu Calendar
August 19 Independence Day (Afghanistan) Fixed 
August 22-September 19 Ramadan (Islam) Islamic Calendar
August 23 Now-Ruz (Zoroastrianism) Zoroastrian Calendar
August 31 Independence Day (Trinidad, Tobago) Fixed 
September Yam Festival/New Year (Ghana)  
September 2 National Day (Vietnam) Fixed 
September 6 Somhlolo/Independence Day (Swaziland) Fixed 
September 7 Independence Day (Brazil) Fixed 
September 7 Labor Day (USA, Canada) First Monday of September
September 10 Teachers' Day (China) Fixed 
September 11 New Year (Ethiopia) Normally Sept 11, Sept 12 in Leap Years 
September 15 Independence Day (Costa Rica) Fixed 
September 15 - October 15 Hispanic Heritage Month (USA) Fixed 
September 16 Independence Day (Mexico) Fixed 
September 19

Rosh Hashanah/New Year (Judaism)

Hebrew Calendar

September 19-October 4

Oktoberfest (Germany)


September 20 Federal Thanksgiving Day (Switzerland) Fixed 
September 21 Eid-ul-Fitr (Islam) Islamic Calendar
September 22

Republic Day (Mali)


September 22

Mabon (Wicca) September Equinox 
September 22

Durga Puja (Bengal, Hindu)

Bengali Calendar

September 24

Constitution Day (Cambodia)
Heritage Day (So. Africa)
Our Lady of Las Mercedes (Dominican Republic, Peru)

September 28 Yom Kippur (Judaism) Hebrew Calendar
September 30 Navaratri/Doll Festival (India) Movable
September 30 Independence Day (Botswana) Fixed 
October 1

National Day (China)
Independence Day (Nigeria)
Labour Day (Australia)

October 2 Gandhi Jayanti/Gandhi's Birthday (India) Fixed 
October 3 Republic Day (Germany)
National Foundation Day (Korea)
October 3

Chu-Sok (Korea)
Mid-Autumn Festival (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)
Tet Trung Thu (Vietnam)

Chinese Calendar
October 3-9 Sukkot/Harvest (Judaism) Hebrew Calendar
October 4

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (Italy)
Independence Day (Lesotho)

October 6 World Teachers' Day (UN) Fixed 
October 7

Kunchi Festival (Japan)
Confucius' Birthday (China)

October 9 Independence Day (Uganda)
Hangul Day (Korea)
October 10 National Day (Taiwan)
October 12
Dia de La Raza (Latin America, Mexico)
October 12

Sports Day (Japan)
Columbus Day (The Americas)
Thanksgiving (Canada)

2nd Monday of October
October 17 Diwali/Festival of Lights/New Year (Hinduism, India, Sikhism) Hindu Calendar
October 20 Bab's Birthday (Bahá’í) Fixed 
October 24 Independence Day (Zambia) Fixed 
October 26 International Red Cross Day Fixed 
October 28 Republic Day (Czech Republic, Slovakia) Fixed 
October 31 Halloween (Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, USA) Fixed 
November 1 All Saints' Day (Christianity) Fixed 
November 2 El Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead (Mexico) Fixed 
November 2

Guru Nanak's Birthday (Sikhism)

Hindu Calendar
November 3 Independence Day (Panama) Fixed 
November 5 Guy Fawkes Day (Great Britain) Fixed 
November 9

Independence Day (Cambodia)

November 9 Father's Day (Sweden) 2nd Sunday in November
November 11 Armistice Day (France)
Rememberance Day (Canada)
Independence Day (Poland)
Veterans Day (USA)
November 12 Baha'allah's Birthday (Bahá’í) Fixed 
November 12 Loy Krathong (Thailand) Full Moon of the 12th Lunar Month
November 15 Shichi-go-san/7-5-3 Festival (Japan)
November 18 Independence Day (Latvia) Fixed 
November 19 National Celebration (Morocco) Fixed 
November 22 Independence Day (Lebanon) Fixed 
November 26

Thanksgiving (USA)

4th Thursday of November

November 28 Independence Day (Mauritania) Fixed 
November 28 Eid al-Adha/Feast of the Sacrifice (Islam) Islamic Calendar
November 30 Independence Day (Barbados) Fixed 
December Pikkujoulu (Finland) Fixed 
December 2 National Day (Laos) Fixed 
December 5 Sinterklaas Day (Netherlands) Fixed 
December 6 St. Nicholas Day (Europe, Christian)
Independence Day (Finland)
December 9 Independence Day (Tanzania) Fixed 
December 12-19 Hanukkah (Judaism) Hebrew Calendar
December 21 Yule (Wicca) December Solstice
December 25 Christmas Day (Christianity) Fixed
December 26 Boxing Day (Bahamas, Canada, Jamaica, UK) Fixed
December 26 Death of Prophet Zarathustra (Zoroastrianism) Zoroastrian Calendar
December 27 Ashura (Islam) Islamic Calendar


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