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Ten Easy Lunar Celebration Ideas

1. Make a fresh start. Begin the New Year with a clean slate. You can clean your house, wear new clothes, get a haircut, or payoff any debts you might have.

2. Eat good luck food. Share gifts of candies and fruit with family and friends. Together, you can feast on good luck dishes such as dumplings (See recipe.) This is believed to guarantee prosperous futures for you and your loved ones.

3. Create positive energy. Think only good thoughts and say only kind words to those around you, so that the New Year begins in a happy mood.

4. Decorate your house. Paste red scrolls with good luck words around your house. You can also make red paper lanterns to hang outside - check out our special Lantern - Making Kit!

5. Give children a special surprise. On New Year's Day, use our lucky money envelopes (or make your own from the Activity Kit.) Have children march it around for your own little parade!

6. Read books. Learn more about the traditions and history of the Lunar New Year by reading one of the many interesting and colorful books on the subject.

7. Have a Parade. Get creative and join in on the exciting tradition of the Dragon Parade, on a smaller scale. Make your own mini-dragon out of boxes, construction paper, tubes, and glitter. (This project is outlined in the Chinese New Year Activity Book.) Have children march it around for your own little parade!

8. Have children make "se-bae." Practice "filial piety" like Korean families do, and give them money in a good fortune pouch.

9. Play games. Play the traditional Korean game Yut for New Year fun, of fly kites if its not too cold!

10. Give good wishes. Teach children to say Happy New Year in Cantonese--"Gung Hay Fat Choy!"



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